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Human Resources Training

The training of personnel in the academy and in the laboratories is a fundamental condition for the success of the mission of the INCT Nanocarbono and of the institutions that compose it, in the medium and long term. Undergraduate and graduate students help in the production of knowledge and must be imbued, challenged and seduced to incorporate the spirit of speculation and investigation, to seek to overcome values ​​and knowledge, to innovate processes, thus advancing science and technology. Good results in the training area are obtained. New generations of researchers and professionals in the creative industry will emerge from the INCT nuclei, who will replace the current generation and increase the emergence of critical masses in different parts of the country. Added to this spirit of training and work are the group's annual meetings, scientific collaboration missions and the exchange of researchers and students, opportunities for coexistence and apprehension of different knowledge, techniques and ways of working. As a whole, the researchers in this project are currently guiding 23 postdoctoral students, 102 doctoral students, 45 master's students and 57 scientific and technological initiation students. Some of the students who went through these steps are currently work colleagues who make up the institute's team of PhD researchers.

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